Garcima 14 Inch Enameled Paella Pan - Serves 6

Crafted in Spain this paella pan is made of steel with a coated of black and white speckled enamel, so rusting will not be an issue. The paella pan is shallow and has sloping sides, which helps the rice cook evenly and develop more intense flavor, the shallow base ensures rice cooks in a thin layer. This size pan makes enough paella for dinner for four people. Made by Garcima in Valencia Spain, home of the authentic Paella. Thanks to its unique manufacturing process Garcima S.L. is the number one Paella maker in the world. Fits well over most large standard burners.

  • Made in Alaquas, Valencia - Spain
  • Enameled cooking surface
  • Perfect dinner of 6 people
  • Hand wash
  • Most widely used for cooking the authentic paella.
  • They can be used in gas, wood and oven.
  • Wide, shallow pan ensures rice cooks in a thin layer
  • Traditional used for cooking authentic paella and Fideuá.
  • Serves 6 people. (portions are a suggestion of the manufacturer)

Garcima 14 Inch Enameled Paella Pan - Serves 6



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