Hacienda de Colchado Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Legado". This single-variety Olive Oil of superior category is obtained directly from Hojiblanca olives and solely by mechanical means.

Hacienda del Colchado produces this LIMITED EDITION oil with great aromatic complexity and a very high nutritional value due to its high content in natural antioxidants, which are responsible for its bitter and peppery finish. The yield of the fruit is meager, but we can achieve excellence, which differentiates Legado Extra Virgen Oil from the rest. Legado, as its name suggests(Legacyin English), is the maximum expression of how Hacienda del Colchado artisans live for the olive groves, striving to produce the best oil as we have done for generations.

TASTING NOTES: Hojiblanco variety of an elegant green colour with a golden tinge. Great aromatic complexity. Intense green fruity with fresh grass and notes of green apple, banana, tomato plant and herbs. Sweet in the mouth, green almond aftertaste with a pleasant white pepper finish.

 Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Legado, de Hacienda de Colchado, es monovarietal de categoría superior, obtenido directamente de aceitunas hojiblanca y solo mediante procedimientos mecánicos. 

  • 500 ml - 16.9 fl oz
  • 100% Hojiblanca variety
  • Limited Edition
  • Harvested Mid-October
  • Product of Spain

Legado Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

SKU: CLCH-0101


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