Besides cooking for events and parties we also provide some services which will help you organize your event with us. Take a look to all of our services you may need and contact us.

Waiter, Bartender and Chef 


All of our event if no Waiter is requested will be Buffet style. The chef and waiters will be at your event for 4 hours. Let us know if waiter’s service will be needed for your event. All of our waiters and chefs will be appropriate uniformed.


Waiter: $100 , 3 hours .

Overtime $35



Chef : Included for your event 3 hours . Overtime $35

Chef Helper: $75 for 3 hours. Overtime $35

Tableware & silverware 


We provide to your event disposable tableware but if you wish to have a beautiful and memorable celebration, we recommend having our china porcelain tableware with our crystal water cups.  Contact us!

Dinner plates: $0.80

Salad plates: $0.75

Desserts plates: $0.75

Crystal water cups: $0.85

Wine cups: $0.90

Silverware: $0.60 each

Napkins: $1.00